About Desirée Sommer

Desirée Sommer is a life expert and blogger for people who’ve lost their mojo, or become a little lost and underwhelmed by their ordinary lives.

Through her provocative blog posts, seductive online programs, and captivatIMG_6878ing one-on-one coaching sessions, she’s here to help you create more space in your life for the good stuff — things like pleasure, play, joy, beauty, & connection — all while making it feel like a sexy, mischievous, exhilarating adventure.

Are you ready to embrace the alluring magic and mystery of a life well-lived? Then step right in.

And when she’s not writing or coaching, you can find her traveling, flirting in many different languages, learning about French wine and food, going on picnics, spending breathless time being awed by nature, playing in the rain, reading good books in tiny cafes with an endless cup of earl grey, or discussing films with friends over an exquisite dinner (Scorcese and film noir are two of her favorites).


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