Beauty & Means: A few of my favorite things #3

In this edition of a few of my favorite things I share with you my favorite writing pens:

Le Pen by Uchida, link to a box of 12 in my fave color so far, Orchid on

And here is a sampler set of all their colors so you can find your fave, right here.

And second I share my favorite lip chap.  Did I mention I’m obsessed with chapstick and lip balm?  Like, can’t get enough, have to have some form of chapstick in every purse, every room, by the bed, at work?  Yeah. True story.

Out of all the balm I buy, hoard and cherish, none beats this bad boy:  it’s the Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh.  I give this stuff out as gifts and thereby,  get friends and family as equally hooked as I, thus ensuring they always continue to make this stuff.

You can find the plain jane clear lip treatment on the website for Fresh, it’s their sugar lip treatment (and to be honest this is the one I usually buy).  It works great as a base for lipsticks, making them go on super smooth, after a little blotting, but you can also find gorgeous sheer colors to please any palette.

Find all the majestic colors here.

They can also be found on Sephora, just in case that’s easier for you.

Enjoy, have fun! And as always, please let me know your favorites in the comments below.

All my love,


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