Adventure Challenge of the Week: Paris in your Local Farmer’s Market? Yes!


Paris in the summer is filled with open air markets on every street corner.  Vendors who know your name, beautiful produce in dazzling colors, an adorable basket or tote to carry all your goods in, and lots of glamorous people watching.  Isn’t it romantic?

We girly girls, we love our cherished notions of Paris.  But until we get there, there is a little Paris right in your neighborhood too.  Think local, think organic, — think about heading to your local Farmer’s Market.

Here you will find street vendors, street artists, music and plenty of gorgeous veggies and seasonal fruit all lined up in a pretty row.  Grab that adorable tote and head to the Market this week.  Check out a type of food you’ve never explored before, maybe Egyptian style baklava? or how about Lebanese?  Then pick up some posies for your table.

Either way get ready to explore and do some people watching!

Let me know how your adventure goes!  Either comment below or hashtag on Instagram with your fantastic pics!  Either way, thanks so much for watching!

See you Next Week,



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