Adventure Challenge: This Week It’s All About the Music


Summertime… It’s all about the crazy-good warm weather, firing up the grill, eating outdoors, drinking rosé and (drumroll, please) the Music.  Live music to be exact.

In fact, in Paris right about now there are Jazz Festivals going on almost nonstop in locations all across the city.  Parisians have a long history of embracing American Jazz musicians starting from the very beginning.  Josephine Baker, anyone?

Can’t you just see it?  Warm summer evenings, sitting outside on the café terrace sipping chilled rosé and devouring fresh oysters while the band plays in some iconic Paris neighborhood.  Jazz and the quiet murmur of appreciative voices rippling around you,  as twilight descends and you share a knowing glance with a pair of sexy brown eyes in the seat next to you (hopefully a devastatingly charming Frenchman who’s going home with you).

And while you may not be able to get to Paris this week to enjoy it all there is NO better time to get out there and enjoy all the  concerts and live music available to you in the summer.  And if you really want to go all out — get yourself to a music festival!

The cost of entry or a ticket is well worth the beauty and the memories you’ll make.  And they can usually be found right in your backyard.  Some are even FREE. So that is your summertime adventure challenge for this week: Hit up some live music!

Some tips for the novices out there:

Newspapers abound with information on cultural and musical activities, allowing you to peruse and plan ahead.  Many of  them even have websites where you can search local listing.

Look for concerts and festivals, but also, check out artwalks.  These happen in almost every tiny artsy town and often feature a variety of free music and street vendors hawking food.

Be open to trying something outrageous and new.  Bluegrass Festival?  Why not!  What’s the worst that can happen? You leave early and you’ve got a great story.  Classical music outdoors in the park?  What if it’s amazing and you skip out on the opportunity?  Just do it.

Have fun, and let me know how it went!

Till next time,


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