Fear, Freedom and Dreams

I want to be braver and bolder more and more. I want to age into someone wilder and freer.

Not with less fear, because that’s impossible, but as someone who embraces her fear more and more.

Someone who isn’t fighting herself, and her pleasure, and her joy.

Someone who knows her fear well and intimately, because knowing it is the only way forward.

Forward to Freedom, which exists within the fear, and not outside of it.

I lived most of my youth safely, trying to run from the fear, keep it bay. Not knowing I was also running from my dreams. From myself.

I kept waiting for the day I wouldn’t be afraid to do the things I most wanted. Wondering why life was so dull…

I thought fear was the enemy, not my resistance to feeling it.

Turns out fear always points the way.

Moving bravely towards it, sidling up to it, feeling our way through it leads us towards greater freedom.



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