The most subversive thing you can do

The most subversive thing you can do in the world any more is to care — to start caring.

The most effective form of revolt is not to be against something, but to be for something.

Be for something so much that you keep showing up for it. Keep creating it over and over in each moment.

In a world filled with distractions and entertainments — things to buy and vote on online, photos to envy on Instagram, vacations to ogle on Facebook, sound bytes, mindless empty awards shows, and endless TV at your command…

Showing up consistently for the things that matter, that you care about is a form of revolt.

We can’t fight the system– corruption, scandal, a deck stacked against us — It’s too big. But we can form a new system around us on the smallest scale – a scale so small it gets beneath the radar. A culture of one.

A cultural of one that can touch as many lives as we come into contact with, that can create tiny local revolutions that start to ripple.

So start remaking your world into the one you long to see on the outside.

Start caring, and showing up for what you believe in, for what you love — be a rebel, make a ruckus.


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