Stop struggling with who you are, what you want, and what you love. Choose ease instead.

I’m not a fan of struggling, I am however a devoted fanatic of ease. Ease- an admittedly, tricky concept for most of us.

It suggests slacking off and taking the easy route to many, but easy and ease are decidedly different.

Ease is the opposite resistance, not challenge or action or effort. Most of us are pros at endless effort and striving. Most of us resist like crazy that which calls to us the most. We resist our crazy implausible dreams, our wild notions of changing the world — or at the very least our world.

We try to talk ourselves out of what we love. It’s too weird, or naive or crazy or stupid, or too … You fill in the blank. It’s always too much of something. It’s never practical or responsible or adult enough. It seems selfish. And it’s never plausible.

And so we resist it. We deny and suppress it. And we end up hiding from ourselves in the process. We struggle needlessly. Usually against ourselves and our own best interests.

Then we go and work really hard at things we don’t love, and barely want. We are tenacious about things we are tepid about. We strive to do the same thing as the guy next to us, in the same way.

Ease is the opposite of this struggling. Ease is admitting what you want — surrendering to it. Ease is letting yourself love what you love — judgement and condemnation be-damned. Ease is embracing your dreams, now matter how weird or embarrassing or stupid it is. Ease takes guts and bravery. And also action. It’s not easy to do this. It just feels really good doing it.

Easy, in contrast, is all about settling. Settling for average and ordinary. Substituting what we really want for the known or pre-packaged — something that can bought and consumed. Easy is all about hiding and pretending. Pretending we can’t have what we want, that we don’t really love what we love. Hiding in plain sight from ourselves.

Pretending isn’t very hard, in fact, we often fit in seamlessly with the crowd… We belong because the crowd is also busy pretending. Sleepwalking through your life with the crowd is mind-obliteratingly dull, but it isn’t risky or hard. And everyone around you will validate your deepest darkest fears about waking up and going for it, embracing who you are.

Ease is about embracing your DNA and destiny for greatness (the kind of that can’t be bought or sold). Ease is about letting joy happen by doing what you love.

Easy is about pretending you don’t hear the call of that greatness. It’s about pretending the culture’s dream is your dream — you know that dream you can buy online or follow 8 easy steps to get to it.

Stop struggling. Let go of the culture, and embrace who you are. Ease into the joy of being you, unique and alive.


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