Find what makes life interesting, fun and meaningful to you

If God came down from the mountain and told you personally, that fame, riches, and romantic love in the form of “the One” we’re not for you — that they weren’t coming… Not this life.

What would you do next?

If you had 30 or 60 years still to live and make your life worthwhile, interesting, meaningful to you — without those things… to experience love without “the one” …

What would you be doing? What feelings and experiences would you seek out instead? What would you be willing to risk without those things on the table?

None of these things is inherently bad, but too often we let these things — fame, fortune and romantic notions, the culture’s dream for us really, obscure what we really need to be happy now.

The pursuit of fame/recognition is not nearly as rich an experience as the pursuit of something we love (where recognition/fame just happens to tag along).

Ditto for money.

And waiting for love and the magical “one” robs us of the very real and warm connections before us now — whether that’s the beer you shared with a stranger at the bar talking food and travel in Paris, or the longstanding phone call with a friend you’ve known since high school.

Your dreams are bigger than the culture’s dream for you.


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