Being busy is a way to avoid doing the important stuff.

Busy and hardworking are hardly virtues when they leave you without the time to do the important work.

The creative work. That part of your career or passionate art form or hobby that only you can do.

That important call you need to make.

The time in front of a blank screen or canvas waiting for inspiration or putting the work in to get it right.

The next step you must take that scares you.

The subversive act of caring about your work and providing actual service.

This is the important work. It usually doesn’t take a lot of time. It takes guts. It takes bravery.

It’s easier to hide. Being busy is a way to hide. Working hard at all the wrong things, the things you don’t care about, is a way to hide.

No one is going to reward you for being busy or hardworking.

Recognition comes from doing the hard stuff, the risky stuff that puts you out there that are other people are too busy, and too scared to do.


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