Erasing the rules – neither an obeyer nor a breaker be

The unhappiest people I know… The bitter ones — are the ones that obey the rules — expectant of a reward for their compliance. It never comes. They’re left always waiting.

You’d think the happiest people would be the rule breakers… But you’d be wrong, rule-breakers are just as obsessed with the rules and what they’re getting or not getting — or rather what they’re getting away with, as the obeyers. Just as watchful and bitter over what other people have and are doing.

True freedom, true rebellion comes when we stop living by rules altogether– neither obeying nor breaking. When we no longer even know the rules, when we are so engaged by the present moment and by simply living within it that we forget the rules — forget that there even are rules– we find ourselves — surprisingly, shockingly — happy.


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