How To Make Every Day Magic

Every time I get back from vacation I always wonder, how I can keep the magic alive? How can I make every day inspiring?

I try really hard to make it happen, to keep the sparkly fairydust of “vacation time” on me, but somehow it always wears off.

Eventually the magic fades.

When I’m on the vacation I never have to try so hard. I don’t feel like I have to pretend I’m in Paris when I’m actually in Paris.

I’m too busy relaxing and enjoying being in the right place at the right time to care about the magic. Paris doesn’t ask for magic, and it doesn’t want for it either.

In Paris I can sit back relax and just enjoy the show. All that Paris ever asks from me is my full attention.

Please appreciate the beauty of this building, she says or, Please enjoy the silence and birdsong in this garden. Did you notice the warm sun? She inquires. Good. Did you thank me for that charming momentary flirtation with that man?

Just my attention and a willingness to show up, that’s all.

Perhaps the art of making every day magic lies in not trying to make it magic at all.

To quit trying so hard to make each day special and instead accept that is. To be willing to let the promise of the day just unfold without having an expectation of what that will look like.

It’s a mystery, after all, what each day will bring. And it’s our job to try to meet the mystery with both proper reverence and the kind of lightheartedness that let’s us play in it.


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