(Inner) Beauty Tip: Living La Vie en Rose

beauty-collaborationIf you want to live a more beautiful life, you start by noticing what’s beautiful right now.

Begin to fully see and acknowledge…

  • The beauty of the sunset before you now, the one the Universe worked so hard on, for you
  • The chic style of the woman in front of in line. Appreciate the effort and thought that went into that outfit, for you.
  • The vibrant chartreuse, mint and olive greens in the moss on the path you walk daily that you only just now noticed.
  • The beauty of a song you love, or alternately, the beauty of momentary silence, in the midst of a busy day.
  • The way a smile crinkles up the skin around the eyes of that handsome businessman chatting across the subway from you.
  • The hint of chocolate in that first sip of coffee…

Begin to notice your beauty as well, not just the inherent beauty of your face or body, but the beauty you put into the world.

Take the time to recognize the beauty you are constantly creating:

Your ability to find and create beauty rests squarely on your awareness of what’s happening in this moment in front of right now. It’s your ability to sink into it deeply that will allow you to be more appreciative and more effective in your ability to create beauty… Even your own.

  • The sumptuous color you painted your toenails
  • The beautiful table you set for dinner
  • The yummy meal you cooked
  • The great “statement” heels you dared to wear to work
  • The generous thank you letter you wrote to your aunt for the gift she bought you
  • The call to a friend you made yesterday, just to check in
  • The beauty of the clean counter you just thoughtfully cleansed and cleared off
  • That artfully arranged vase of flowers you put together after buying some daisies on a whim
  • Even the tears you shed over someone who left you in the lurch, can be beautiful if you go inward deeply enough.

Enjoy all these little victories against the chaos and disorder of life by acknowledging them and celebrating them. Be astonished at your own ability to magically breathe beauty into any ordinary moment, to create beauty out of the raw materials of the world around you.

You don’t just make beauty, you are made of beauty.

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