What will your journey be? Who do you want to be in the world?

This is about a journey — my journey– towards a life of beauty and means, and if you’re here now reading this, my guess is it’s your journey too. So grab a cup of joe, pull a chair up to the table and have a seat. Let’s talk about the lives we really want to lead.

  What do we want? What do we value and crave? The truth is I don’t know. Because there is no “we” I can’t know what you want. You are the one and only who knows what you want. The only thing I know for sure is that you can’t live a life you adore by letting others decide that for you. You have to decide for yourself.

…And believe me, deep down you know what you want. You just haven’t given  

 yourself permission to want something that at first glance maybe look ridiculous, superficial or impossible. That journey is what this site is all about.
So in the hope that it inspires you to find your values, and gives you a clue into what this site is about, here is what I want: a life of beauty, joy, and daring.

Beauty: that which pleases the senses, i.e. our sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and thus, through pleasing us, brings pleasure.

We live in a world that is simultaneously starved for beauty, while encouraging us to hoard whatever little bits of it we can get our hands on. Which makes us anxious and grasping because we don’t just want and need beauty…. We long for and crave it. We want very much to see it, touch it, feel it, explore it. We long for the sensuality, pleasure, allure, passion and desire encapsulated in the concept of beauty, and it’s not enough for us to own it, the way the world tells us we should. What we really want is to be allowed to be a part of it — to embody it ourselves.

We need recover from the notion that we are somehow divorced from beauty, and not allowed to have it or be it — that beauty is reserved only for the few, for the elite upper echelons– and we’re not invited to the party. This is an idea of beauty that is exclusive, instead of inclusive. More than that though, we need a rediscovery of beauty.

This is a journey about finding, seeking, creating and acknowledging beauty. It’s about the decision to own your own beauty and the willingness to seek out and acknowledge the beauty of the world around you. Ultimately, it’s about adding more beauty to the world, not less. 

It’s about you becoming the decider of worth in your own life, instead of handing away that power to others whether it’s a lover, the media, an industry or your friends and family. Which brings me to my next point: means.

Means: 1. Having agency, instruments or methods to attain an end. 2. Available or considerable resources, especially, but not always money.

Having the means to accomplish something and live the life you want is about having power — it’s about being empowered. When you have this kind of agency over your own life, you can not only create the life you want, but also be able to influence the lives of others around you. 

And yes, power is about having money, too. Money is something that allows you to create, invest in your values, and give generously to others, all of which feels damn good! Why wouldn’t we want to allow more money into our lives? But it doesn’t stop there.  
Power is about having the time to do what you love, and the attention, the mental clarity, to be able to enjoy it. Money without time is meaningless, but time without the ability to enjoy it, is also an empty trophy.

More importantly, power is about choices — admitting you have them. It’s about making the choice to open up, and live bigger, instead of shutting down and playing small. It’s about refusing to settle for anything less than a life that’s all your own, and on your terms.
Having power means owning the fact that, to corrupt and commandeer the words from one of Tim Ferriss’ last books: 

 Life is not a textbook you follow blindly. Life is a choose-your-own-adventure.

A textbook life can be taught, but a choose-your-own-adventure life? No one can teach you that. You’re going to have to teach yourself. So instead of looking for mentors or gurus to guide the way, let’s look instead for the bright lights of inspiration along the paths — peers who inspire and encourage us, those who cheer us on, who we can artfully crib from and who happily crib from us as we’ll.
So here’s to the journey! What will yours look like? 

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