What is a Woman of Beauty & Means?


Beauty:  pleasing and pleasurable to the senses.

A woman of beauty walks in beauty, daily.  She feels beautiful, regardless of what anyone else thinks.  She creates beauty daily, in her own backyard, regardless of how she feels, or where she lives, or what the rest of the world is doing.  She does it for herself.  A woman of beauty lives her life like it’s art, because it is.

Means:  1.  Having agency, instruments or methods to attain an end.  2.  Available or considerable resources, especially, but not always, money.

A woman of means has the resources, usually within herself, to make things happen, particularly her dreams.  A woman of means depends on no other human being for money, happiness, or the attainment of her dreams.  She makes them happen herself.  She’s resourceful, intelligent, curious, and passionate.  And she definitely has a sense of humor, particularly about herself.

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